Announcing the Early Access Program

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of the LoungeBuddy iOS Early Access Program! For the past year, our team has been working tirelessly on completely refreshing our iOS application to make discovering and accessing airport lounges as enjoyable as the lounges themselves. After much hard work, we are finally ready to share the refreshed app with all of you in the form of an Early Access Program where you will have the opportunity to help shape the next rendition of LoungeBuddy.

The LoungeBuddy iOS app was originally built in 2013 as a platform for lounge data, supporting operating systems as far back as iOS 5 and devices as far back as iPhone 3GS. Over time our product vision changed to include lounge bookings, and has been upgraded and altered for more than 200 releases so that we can adopt new technologies and deliver truly modern experiences to our users.

So now in 2020, 7 years after the first lines of code for the LoungeBuddy iOS app were written, we've made the choice to rethink our technology (for the tech-literate, that's a stack using Go, Protobuf, SwiftUI and Combine). Expect a refreshed app using the latest software offerings from Apple, much faster data loading, and increased stability. This means more intuitive navigation throughout the app, a modernized look, and more accurate information about the lounges that are available to you. We have learnt and grown a lot over the years, and are now ready to look towards what the future has in store.

While it may be some time until the final product is ready for release, we're looking for LoungeBuddy users and friends to test this refreshed version of our iPhone app, available on iOS 14, and experience some really cool stuff in our Early Access Program!

Please bear in mind that this is an early adopter program. There will inevitably be teething problems which might mean your upgrade process is a bit rocky. There is also no way to return to the previous app without uninstalling the Early Access application completely and potentially losing access to any data you've stored in the Early Access app.

If this sounds interesting to you, please sign up here. We will then follow up in an email with more details.


The LoungeBuddy Team

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