British Airways Lounges at London Heathrow: The Ultimate Guide

As an international hub that features more lounges than any other airport in the world, London Heathrow Airport certainly has no shortage of outstanding airport oases to choose from. The most comprehensive of these are operated by British Airways, which comes as no surprise, given that this is their home hub. As a member of the oneworld alliance, British Airways operates numerous tranquil and luxurious lounges for their flights all around the world, as well as for those of their airline partners. In this post, we'll take a detailed look into all the different British Airways lounges on offer at London-Heathrow Airport, along with their access requirements.

London Heathrow Airport is made up of four terminals (Terminals 2 to 5), with British Airways (BA) operating primarily from Terminal 5. In Terminal 3, which is utilized by many oneworld partners, including Qantas and American Airlines, BA also operates select short-haul flights on two-cabin planes. All flights that previously flew out of now-closed Terminal 1 have been moved to other terminals.

British Airways Lounges in Terminal 3

There are two British Airways lounges in Terminal 3: the Galleries Club and Galleries First lounges. Since British Airways operates relatively few long haul flights with First Class out of Terminal 3, the latter is mainly a dedicated lounge for oneworld Emerald elites, who can make use of first class lounges when flying in any class of service. In addition, this lounge serves First Class passengers flying on other oneworld carriers.

British Airways Lounges in Terminal 5

London Heathrow's Terminal 5 is a dedicated terminal for the International Airlines Group (IAG), which owns British Airways and Iberia. This is the departing point for the bulk of British Airways' flights to destinations on all six permanently inhabited continents worldwide. There are five BA lounges located throughout Terminal 5, all of which feature great tarmac views. (six, if including the BA Arrivals Lounge)

Galleries Club Lounges

Galleries Club lounges are the equivalent of business class lounges, which serve business class passengers on intra-Europe flights, as well as on intercontinental flights on British Airways' Club World product.

There are three of these lounges in Terminal 5 - two in the A Building, and one in the B Satellite Terminal.

If some peace and quiet is what you're looking for, the B Satellite lounge may be your best bet. Please keep in mind, however, that it'll take about 15 minutes to walk back if your flight is departing from the A Building.

The Galleries Club lounges feature all the amenities that you would expect to find in a standard business class lounge, including hot and cold food, self-serve tea and coffee, an open bar, showers, and plenty of different areas for lounging.

The lounge in Terminal 5A's South Concourse is massive, featuring seating for over 800 passengers. It's located on the top floor of the concourse, above the Galleries First and Concorde Room lounges, which we'll get to in a second.

The entrance is marked by a model of a British Airways Airbus A380.

Inside the lounge, you'll find vintage posters of British Airways advertisements.

The food and drink offerings vary, and may include sandwiches, pasta, a salad bar, and several varieties of wine.

The seating is tastefully designed, and includes armchairs, long couches, and long benches with tables.

There is also a quiet area, a cinema room, and a business center with a printer for passengers who want to work, play, or rest. A large selection of magazines, newspapers, and other print materials are also available for your perusal.

The North Concourse lounge features similar amenities, with seating for 400. The food offerings in that location may include Chili con Carne, Baked Beans, Portuguese Spiced Chicken, and Sweet Potato and Lentil Curry.

Access to the Galleries Club lounges is open to:

  • British Airways passengers flying Club World, Club Europe, and First Class
  • British Airways Executive Club Silver, Gold, and Premier members
  • oneworld Sapphire and Emerald elites, such as AAdvantage Platinum and Executive Platinum members

Galleries First Lounges

The Galleries First Lounge is located below the Galleries Club Lounge in Terminal 5A's South Concourse, across from the Concorde Room.

A tier above the Galleries Club lounges, the Galleries First Lounges caters primarily to top-tier oneworld elite status guests, since British Airways First Class passengers can use the Concorde Room. Similar to the Galleries Club lounges, amenities like hot food, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, and showers, are available.

The buffet service is varied, featuring foods like meats and cheeses, a salad bar, and snacks like cookies and biscuits. If you're looking for something more filling and/or fancy, feel free to take things up a notch with the sit-down menu. Classics like the delicious BA Burger can be ordered from the menu card provided.

Guests can select a wine from the open bar, or alternatively, gaze at the selection of wines stocked in the lounge through the glass paned wine cellars.

Champagne from the Champagne Bar is also available for consumption.

Furniture throughout the lounge is varied and posh. For an illustrative example, look no further than this leather couch with the imprint of a Union Jack.

The ubiquitous British Airways horse lamp can also be found, along with some neat artwork.

Several seating areas are present in the lounge, including traditional lounge chairs, with decorated glass panes to create a sense of privacy while keeping the open-air feeling. Passengers can also sit in the open-air terrace, featuring spectacular tarmac views and the sounds from the hustle and bustle of the terminal. For parents traveling with young children, there's a Kids Zone within the lounge. And finally, if you're a business traveler, you'll find a business center with computer terminals, TV monitors, and printers.

Access is open to:

  • British Airways passengers flying First Class
  • British Airways Executive Gold and Premier members
  • oneworld Emerald elites, such as AAdvantage Executive Platinum members

Concorde Room

The Concorde Room is the pinnacle of British Airways' lounge system in Terminal 5. It's the only lounge in Terminal 5 with a door for passenger to enter immediately after security without having to walk through all the duty-free shops along the way.

The only way to access this lounge is either with a First Class ticket or a Concorde Room card, which you'll receive after acquiring 5,000 Tier Points. For more details, please refer to our Ultimate Guide to British Airways Executive Club.

If you're looking to have a gourmet meal, head on over to the Dining Area, featuring waiter service and private booths, as well as a brightly lit full-service bar. For breakfast, you can choose from a wide variety of breakfast foods, including eggs, breads, pastries, or even a traditional full English breakfast.

Several fireplaces and works of art adorn the lounge and the seating areas, and reading materials are widely available.

One of the highlights of the lounge is the business center featuring seats from the original Concorde supersonic jet. This is a must-see for aviation geeks everywhere.

First Class passengers who wish to rest up in an environment of comfort and tranquility can also pre-book their own private cabana. Each cabana features a private shower and bathroom, daybed, work table, and television. First Class passengers also have priority access to spa reservations.

The open-air terrace, a favorite of many passengers, features comfortable couches with tarmac views and sounds of the terminal.

Access is open to:

  • British Airways passengers flying First Class
  • British Airways Executive Club members holding a Concorde Room Card

Elemis Spa

The Elemis Spa is offered to British Airways long-haul passengers flying Club World or First Class, as well as Executive Club Gold members and above. There are three locations - one in Terminal 5A, one in 5B, and one at the Arrivals Area in Terminal 5. These exclusive airport spaces have shorter hours of operations than the BA lounges in Terminal 5, so be sure to check your flight ticket beforehand to make sure that the spa is open when you get there.

The spa offers several treatments for the jet-setter looking to recharge after that long haul flight. Descriptions of the following treatments are taken from the British Airways site:

Deep Clean Aviator Facial

Power-up your skin! Deep clean and energise your skin, combining innovative sonic cleansing and high-potency actives, to fight the effects of flying.

Muscle-Ease Power Back Massage

For the ultimate journey! Feel recharged and energised as we knead away tired, aching muscles from the back, neck and shoulders.

First Class Power Shave

Feel refreshed after the skin-smooth power shave, exclusively developed by award-winning shave guru, Richard Anthony.

Firm Up and Fly

Super-lifting on the go! Experience visible results with innovative skin-lifting face technology to help smooth and contour your skin.

Runway Ready Skin Recharge

Prepare your skin to be runway ready! This highly effective facial combines revolutionary sonic cleansing to revive travel-weary skin.

Jet Lag Eye Reviver

Pre-flight eye renew! Advanced infusion technology and anti-ageing superactives help soothe tired eyes and smooth away fine lines.

Dream Flight Back Massage

Take flight! Feel stress-less and rejuvenated as we ease away muscle tension and stiffness from the back, neck and shoulders.

Pre-Flight Reviver - Neck & Shoulder

Loosen up! Melt away tension in the neck and shoulders to help alleviate stress and leave you feeling revitalised.

Deep Relax Scalp Massage

The pressure's on! Help release tension headaches and feel travel-ready with an intensely relaxing scalp massage.

Jet Set Power Polish*

Perfectly polished in an instant! Get your nails shaped-up, then select one of the stunning nail colours from Essie. Optional shape and buff available to male travellers.

*If the polish application is smudged or chipped we are unable to offer a correction service.

Sky High Brow Shape
Up, up and away! Celebrated brow experts, HD Brows have created a bespoke service to give you an instant brow lift and shape.

Stopover Super-Charge
For those who prefer some private chill-out time, our intelligent massage chair delivers a multi-dimensional massage to banish fatigue and leave you feeling revived and refreshed.

Treatments are 15 minutes long and are complimentary. They are also first come-first serve on the day of departure, so be sure to register at the desk as soon as you get to the lounge.

Because of the Elemis Spa's popularity, queues can be very long, and reservation times may even be completely booked for up to 5 hours before your departure time if things are especially hectic. If you're flying in first class, the best way to get around this is by calling Quintessentially Lifestyle, one of the world's leading members-only concierge clubs, to reserve your spot ahead of time. You can do so up to 2 weeks before your flight at the following number from the UK: +44 (0) 845 224 3821.


All in all, British Airways offers a fantastic and comprehensive set of lounges for travellers with diverse tastes in their hub at London Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5. If you are flying with British Airways through London Heathrow Airport, be sure to enter your flight details into LoungeBuddy to see which lounges you can access!

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