DUFL: The Ultimate Guide

“I LOVE TO PACK”, said no one ever.

Ah, the glamorous life of a road warrior. You’ve racked up thousands of miles on the airlines, free stays at hotels, fancy late night dinners, near death experiences in taxis, Ubers and hired cars all over the country - maybe even the world. The truth is that frequent travel generally means that you’ve been to many great destinations, and all you’ve seen is the inside of the airport, a conference room and the hotel.

If you’re a road warrior, you know that your next trip means you’ve got to do laundry, pick up dry cleaning and pack. The fastest way to get through the airport is to travel with a carry-on, but that really limits what you can bring: one pair of shoes, one sports coat that goes with everything - and if space in that carry-on is limited, the workout gear is the first to make the cut. Wouldn’t it be great to take an extra pair of comfortable shoes, sweats to relax in, or your favorite full size toiletries? Of course it would, but you make those sacrifices when you pack because the alternative is to wait in line at the airport to check a bag and wait at baggage claim to retrieve it (assuming it makes it off the carousel).

You’ve dragged your suitcase with you through the airport, to meetings and restaurants until you can finally make it to your hotel. When it’s time to head home, you do it all over again, this time knowing you have unpacking and more laundry to look forward to at the end of your long trip.

Have you ever thought about how much personal time you spend preparing and managing your luggage and waiting in lines at the airport? Even if you have a carry-on, you want to be the first in line at the gate to get your bag in the overhead bin. You’ve most likely spent an average of 3 hours per trip doing laundry, waiting at airports and packing and unpacking. If you travel 2x a month for business, you’ve effectively spent about 5 days a year doing those mindless chores.

What if you could change all that? Wouldn’t it be great if someone else packed for you? What if your bag magically appeared at your hotel? What if you could pack as much as you wanted without having to check your bag? Too good to be true? It was. Until DUFL.

DUFL will professionally clean, inventory, photograph and store your business attire, and then pack and ship your luggage to your destination. When you’re ready to come home, just request a pick up and we’ll ship it back to our warehouse, where we’ll inventory, clean and store your items until your next trip.

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With DUFL you can:

  • -Pack for your trip in 60 seconds (from anywhere)
  • -Pack full size toiletries
  • -Take your workout clothes (no excuses)
  • -Send enough clothes so you can have multiple suitcases out at a time
  • -Never worry about size or weight limitations on your luggage (so you can take whatever you want)
  • -Breeze through the airport without luggage

Get that 25th hour of the day by using DUFL to take care of you while you’re on the road. Let us do the packing and laundry, and give your shoulders a break from lugging that suitcase around with you. You deserve a little freedom while you’re on the road - let us free you from the limitations of traveling with a small carry on, going through security and constantly dragging that bag with you everywhere you go.

As a Concur partner, DUFL also allows you to import your trips over from Concur so that you won’t have to manually enter them in again.

Have questions? Visit us at www.dufl.com. Watch our videos to learn how you can pack in a minute or less on your phone and see how we pack your suitcase - for every trip.

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