El Dorado Lounge in Bogota: An Inside Look


For eons, humans from all over have passed on stories describing mystical places characterized by great abundance, offering promises of great wealth, prosperity, health, and any of the other good things in life at levels beyond the scope of what’s been seen, documented, and verified in the real world. These stories, describing magical settings like Atlantis, the Fountain of Youth, Eden, Shangri-La, and of course, El Dorado, have captured the imaginations of legions of listeners of all ages over the years. Some of these stories have gone so viral that even to this day, the mere mention of these names will trigger a lightbulb of recognition from the average person, conjuring up vivid images of a sort of heaven on earth.

Fast forward to the present day, Bogota Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Latin America, and we all know what that means. As passenger numbers continue to grow, airport terminals become more crowded, and demand goes up for places like airport lounges where travelers can just get away from it all. To cater to the desires of this fast growing segment of premium passengers, the airport authority in Bogota opened the El Dorado Lounge, one of the most impressive lounges that we’ve seen from this part of the world.

Located in Colombia’s capital city, this lounge aims to capture the sense of luxury and abundance that the legend of El Dorado evocates in the minds of listeners and readers. To the weary traveler with a long flight ahead looking for a place to rest and recuperate, the El Dorado Lounge seeks to satisfy and exceed expectations, providing an experience that not only offers a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of a sterile airport terminal, but goes above and beyond that to maximize comfort and refreshment.


Walking into this spacious 1,684 square meter (~18,126 square feet) lounge with enough room to accommodate five hundred guests at once, the lounge agents will immediately greet you with a warm welcome. To create the sense of grandeur that El Dorado brings to mind, and to make it feel larger than life, the interior decorators and designers of the El Dorado Lounge have furnished it with golden motifs, golden lights, long hallways and plenty of space to move around. In addition, if you’re not convinced that you’re in El Dorado, the exhibits with museum type glass displays just may convince you otherwise.

Currently, all passengers (departing from the international terminal) can purchase access to the El Dorado Lounge through LoungeBuddy for US$39. If you’d like to book access, you can do so with LoungeBuddy up to 2 months in advance either on our website or through the LoungeBuddy App. A single lounge booking for this location currently allows up to 3 hours of access. The lounge also offers access to Priority Pass, Lounge Key, and Lounge Club members, provided that capacity is available.

Inside the lounge, guests can expect to find plentiful spacious seating areas, with the ability to choose among animal print chairs, long comfortable sofas, recliners looking out to the runway, and more. Relaxation is king here. And from the far left end of the lounge to the far right, guests will surely find some amenities that meets and satisfies their present moment needs and desires.

Children will certainly get a ton of mileage out of the designated play area, which is designed as a lush forest-type environment to channel the spirit of fun, play, and exploration from within. Typically, parents would not want to leave their children in the middle of the jungle to fend for themselves. This location, however, with indoor air conditioning, is perfectly safe and even recommended for the little tots.

Interested in watching a movie or your favorite television series? There’s a designated theater area where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the shows being beamed onto one of a total of twelve screens.

Or perhaps you’re interested in a drink? In one of the seating areas by the windows, you’ll find a Carro Bar, or beverage cart, where you can order a refreshing beverage of your choice, along with a regular bar area where you can grab some additional drinks. Beer, wine, and spirits like vodka, whisky, gin, and rum are free, while cocktails can be ordered for an additional charge. Soft drinks are also available - choose from sodas, iced tea, juice, yogurt, or good ol’ H20 to quench your thirst.

One of the first things you may notice about the food selection at this lounge is that it’s quite extensive. Some items, from bread to pastries to sandwiches, snacks, and candies are free of charge. There’s also a larger, more filling all-you-can-eat buffet selection available to guests for an additional charge.

Some of the other amenities available here are rarely found outside of more exclusive airline-operated business and first class lounges. This includes a golf range simulator, beauty salon, and a spa area offering a range of treatments. These amenities can be enjoyed at the El Dorado Lounge for an additional fee.

Pool table? Check. Piano? You got it. Amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, showers, printers, and power outlets, meanwhile, are all available at no extra charge.


Whether you’re a leisure traveler, business traveler, or even an adventure seeker looking for a bit of respite in the midst of a spectacular journey, you’ll surely find what you need for relaxational purposes at the El Dorado Lounge. As the latest addition to the increasingly popular worldwide collection of pay-per-use lounges, the El Dorado Lounge will undoubtedly leave pleasant memories in the minds of its pampered guests. And after an experience like this, it may not be too much of a surprise if you find scenes or the sentiments associated with El Dorado dancing in your head. If you’re flying out of Bogota soon, and have not had the opportunity to visit this grand lounge, what are you waiting for? If you have, the lounge is looking forward to welcoming you back again on your next trip. To reserve your spot in the lounge, book your visit today with LoungeBuddy here. =)


  • Capacity: 1,684 square meters, has room for 500 guests.
  • Location: Terminal 1, International Departures Area. In front of Gate 47.
  • Operating Hours: 04:00 to midnight daily.
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi (free), Newspapers and Magazines, Beer and Wine (free), Printers/Copiers (free), Premium Drinks (paid), Complimentary Snacks, Showers (free), Phones, Flight Monitors, Internet Terminals, Non-Smoking, TVs, Conference Rooms (paid), Spa Services (paid), Children’s Room
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