Exploring Dubai's Massive Emirates First Class Lounge

Here at LoungeBuddy, the focus is on finding a lounge to serve as your perfect airport oasis. But what if the entire airport serves as a lounge?

Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport is one of the world's largest buildings, with Concourse B dedicated exclusively to Emirates. The business and first class lounges run the entire length of the building, with a separate main concourse for economy class passengers on the ground floor.

Tyler Dikman, CEO and founder of LoungeBuddy, recently traveled to Dubai in Emirates' first class cabin and gathered these pictures of his over-the-top experience.

After passengers enter the Emirates First Class Lounge and are greeted by a host, they can walk onward to enjoy one of the numerous sitting areas, dining rooms, spa treatments, and other amenities before departure. It's almost like having a private terminal to yourself rather than a separate lounge. Deposit your phone in one of the secure charging stations before beginning your tour and you'll be powered up before the next flight.

If you ever need a break, just take a seat! Scattered tables, chairs, and sofas are provided throughout. With capacity for 1,800 passengers in the 136,000 square foot space, this lounge never gets full. You shouldn't have a difficult time finding a private place to chat, work, or simply collect your thoughts.

The main concourse is still visible below when looking through the center atrium. See the crowds below shopping before their flight and be thankful you can enjoy the peaceful lounge upstairs.

However, dedicated retail outlets for first class passengers are available within the lounge itself, including merchandise and prices to match. Le Clos, a wine merchant, runs the gamut from an enjoyable table wine to celebrated first growths, like these bottles from Chateau Mouton Rothschild.

The first class lounge isn't just for adults. All that space has enabled Emirates to create dedicated areas for families and children. These include soundproof rooms for parents with infants as well as entertainment zones with video games and other electronics.

Hungry? You can order food from anywhere within the lounge and have it delivered to your seat. However, there are some dedicated dining areas that you might find more comfortable and convenient. The main dining room contains several elegant tables and chairs similar to a formal restaurant. Booths are also available around the corner.

Either order a la carte from your server or visit one of the many buffet stations to make your own selections. The menu includes a large number of entrees to satisfy global palates, such as roast quail, paneer, and sauteed scallops.

Of course, the beverage selection, alcoholic and otherwise, is top notch. Choose from Moet & Chandon Champagne or a variety of vintage wines.

If you're looking to freshen up before your trip, shower facilities are located at several places throughout the concourse and are a bit on the small side. Remember that Emirates provides showers to its first class passengers onboard the Airbus A380, so it could be more fun to wait until you're 35,000 feet in the air.

If a shower is overkill, the Timeless Spa offers one introductory treatment to all first class passengers. Additional services are affordably priced and start at just $39. Take advantage of a Thai body stretch, Indian head massage, mini facial, and other treatments.

If it's late at night - or you're suffering jetlag - the lounge has several quiet areas, lounge chairs, and dedicated nap rooms. However, the nap rooms only provide partitioned areas between each bed rather than private rooms dedicated to each passenger.

Once it's time to board, passengers are able to exit the lounge and proceed directly to the gate. You'll never need to worry about leaving too early or late. Business and first class passengers take an elevator directly to the jet bridge so that they never need to wait among the usual crowds of people. It's the one of the most serene boarding experiences possible.

Emirates operates another enormous lounge (business, first) for its customers departing from Concourse A, and travelers are welcome to take the inter-terminal train to visit both areas during a long connection. Some have argued that Concourse A's facility may appear more modern. However, the general size and amenities of each lounge are similar. No matter where you connect, you'll be sure to enjoy traveling with Emirates.

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