Virgin Atlantic's Flying Club: The Ultimate Guide

Flying Club is the official frequent flyer program of Virgin Atlantic Airways. Designed with Virgin Atlantic's most valuable frequent flyers in mind, Flying Club rewards these top shelf passengers handsomely with swimming pools of points and miles for their loyalty, dedication, and business.

Let's take a quick moment to discuss how this all works. Most frequent flyer programs are very similar. You sign up, fly early and often, and accumulate points and/or miles. The more miles and points you are able to attain, the higher the level of benefits and rewards you will be eligible for. Here's how Virgin Atlantic's program differs from the others. With Virgin Atlantic's Flying Club program, you'll receive two forms of currency: tier points and miles, with each serving a different purpose.

Tier Points and Miles

Tier points are used exclusively to determine which tier you qualify for, ranging from the basic Red tier to the exclusive Gold tier. As you accumulate larger amounts of tier points, you will become eligible for a wider net of benefits, with perks like extra checked bags, the ability to take advantage of premium check in lines, and complimentary access to the prestigious Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses.

The other form of currency that you'll be able to attain is miles. Unlike tier points, miles are your golden keys to redemption opportunities. Let's find out more about the surprises that lie behind those large, carefully crafted doors. Behind Door 1, we've got an Upper Class award flight to the beautiful City by the Bay, San Francisco. Door 2? An unforgettable night at London's only rooftop Private Members Club with your handsome spouse. We could go on and on, but for time's sake, let's take a look at just one more. Door 3? None other than a 7-night stay for two at Sir Richard Branson's tropical Caribbean island. Who knows - you may even get lucky and find the X marking the spot of his buried treasure. Be sure to pack a shovel just in case.

Does all of this sound too good to be true? Well, here's the caveat. It'll take a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the point where you can redeem rewards like these, but that's life. Nothing so valuable and worthwhile comes easy, and if you want to get a taste of these prizes, it's time to suit up and prove yourself on the battlefield. Take some time to scratch and claw your way to the top, and before you know it, you'll be sitting at the peak wondering where all the time went. With that being said, let's start the journey from the beginning.

Rev Your Engines

If you haven't done so yet, it's time to lose your Flying Club virginity. Simply click on this link here, take a minute to fill out the form thoroughly, follow the directions to complete your registration, and voila! You are officially the newest member of Virgin Atlantic's Flying Club. "Magic", as our CTO would say.

How to Earn Miles: A Very Brief Primer

Where can you earn? In the air and on the ground. To earn in the air, book nearly any flight with Virgin Atlantic or one of their partners. Whatever class you choose to fly on, it works out. Fly Premium Economy or Upper Class, and the points stash grows like the reach of a viral content marketing post.

If you're a Flying Club Silver or Gold member, even better - you'll earn points on top of that already oversized portion. It's almost like walking into a typical American chain diner, ordering a brownie for dessert, and getting a delicious complimentary volcano mud pie for your efforts. Please note, however, that this does not include Flying Club Miles Plus Money flights (which we'll mention in brief a bit later) and awards flights. On the ground, you can earn points with Virgin's global network of partners in the hotel and car rental industries, among others.

Time for Tiers

If you want to make progress and move on to the next tier, it is imperative to earn additional tier points. And if you want to climb up the tier vine masterfully, you'll want to book flights directly with Virgin Atlantic or one of their Flying Club airline partners.

Keep in mind that your annual period to gather tier points will run for a consecutive 12 to 13 months, after which everything resets. This period starts from the current day and goes back to the first day of the same month a year before. Therefore, if you get upgraded from Silver to Gold at the end of the month, say April 30th, Virgin Atlantic will consider all the points that you've earned from April 1st of the previous year. Another great thing to keep in mind is that the points that go towards your Silver qualification can also be applied towards Gold qualification. Therefore, if you reach 15 tier points and become a Silver member in less than 12 months, you'll only have to earn 25 more tier points before the same 12 month period ends in order to qualify for Gold (requires 40 points).

Flying Club Red - Are You Reddy?

After you sign up for Flying Club, you'll automatically qualify for the basic Red tier. As a Flying Club Red member, you can sit back, relax, and indulge in a number of benefits that ordinary passengers would not receive.

Flying Club Silver - Sights Set On Silver

Once you rack up 15 tier points in a period of 12-13 months, it's time to call yourself a Flying Club Silver member. You'll be able to earn 50% more on your base miles flown on either Virgin Atlantic or Delta Air Lines. And that's not all. Feel free to make use of the Premium Economy check in line every time you fly with Virgin Atlantic. Even if you're sitting in the last row in coach, go right ahead. You've earned it.

Flying Club Gold - Go, Go, Go For The Gold

Congratulations are in order once you've accumulated 40 points within a 12-13 month membership period. This would mean that you have been initiated into the ring of honor. As a member in who's who among Virgin Atlantic flyers, you can earn an extra 100% of base miles flown for every Virgin Atlantic (or Delta) flight, gain access to the luxe Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, wait with the Upper Class in the Upper Class check in line, and more. Whoever said it was tough at the top is probably not a Flying Gold member (unless they happen to be a Gold member) with a million miles who is suffering mental anguish over which of the benefits to take advantage of first.

Miscellaneous - Retaining Your Membership, Going Above And Beyond

So you've gotten a taste of silver, and it tastes so good that you can't imagine living without it (unless you have Gold, which is another story). Well, all you have to do to retain it for another year is to earn at least 15 tier points again. If you're a Flying Club Gold member, you'll have to earn 40 tier points in your membership year in order to extend your membership forward another year. Your membership year start date is set when you reach Gold for the first time.

Some of you are probably looking at this and thinking, "oh, that's a piece of cake, and I have an insatiable appetite." If you're nodding along to this, here's some good news: there's more rewards to be had with ever higher amounts of tier points. If you earn 60 tier points in a year, you'll receive 2 free lounge passes to any Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse location. Feel free to share it with anyone you want, as long as they are eligible to fly. If you renew your Gold membership with 80 points, you'll receive a complimentary cabin upgrade for two.

Still too easy? Why not try for Flying Club Gold membership for life? If you earn 300 tier points on Virgin Atlantic flights within 10 consecutive years as a Gold member, you'll qualify for membership into this circle of elites. Alternatively, you can earn life membership, and a special gift to boot, when you earn a million base flown miles on Virgin Atlantic flights.

Tier Benefits Summary

Here's a summary of the benefits that you'll attain with each tier. Strap your seat belts and get ready, because it's a long list to plow through:

Flying Club Red
Flying Club Silver
Flying Club Gold
Earn miles on all flights (except award bookings)
Earn an extra mileage bonus
on base flown miles with Virgin
Atlantic and Delta
Earn and spend miles with partners
Miles don’t expire as long as you earn or spend at least once every 3 years
Discount with Purple Parking5%5%10%
Up to 10% off Virgin Holiday bookings and earn up to 2 miles for every GBP spent
Exclusive offers and promotions
A dedicated Flying Club helpline
Access and management of your account information online
Free use of Premium Economy Check In regardless of class of travel
Status renewal bonus
Use of Upper Class Check In regardless of class of travel
Priority waitlisting for flights
Access to Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse with 1 guest
Access to Virgin Atlantic Revival’s Lounge
Fast track through Immigration and Security (LHR/LGW)
Complimentary companion ticket upon renewal of Gold membership
60 Tier Point Clubhouse passes (valid for 12 months, can only be used when flying Virgin Atlantic)
80 Tier Point Cabin Upgrade Reward
Kids accounts - up to 6 accounts
Supplementary Flying Club Silver account
Priority boarding and baggage handling
Increased excess baggage allowance
A guaranteed Economy seat booked at least 3 days before departure
2000 point birthday mileage bonus
Priority boarding, baggage handling and airport standby, plus 20kg excess baggage allowance with Singapore Airlines
Use of Singapore Airlines Business Class Check In, Premier Lounge or Business Class area of Silver Kris Lounges when flying Economy (at select locations)
50% Discount for Regus Businessworld Gold Membership
Complimentary Regus Businessworld Gold membership
Complimentary Regus Businessworld Gold membership and 2 vouchers for 1 days private office use
Get discounted access, and earn Flying Club miles at No. 1 Traveller’s airport lounges.
Receive Gold membership for life after earning 300 tier points on Virgin Atlantic flights and holding Gold membership for 10 consecutive years.
Receive an exclusive gift and Gold membership for life when you have earned 1 million base flown miles on Virgin Atlantic flights.
Maternity and paternity benefit
Priority baggage, Check in, Boarding and Security with Delta Air Lines. Enjoy Extra Baggage (in Economy Class only) and access to preferred seating.
Access to shared partner lounges.

Earning Tier Points

A proud Scottish telephone inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, once said, "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." If you would like to prepare your strategy for squirreling away tier points, check out how much you can earn on this page.

Another great way to earn tier points is by signing up for your very own Virgin Atlantic Black World Elite MasterCard. With this trusty little card in your pocket, you'll be able to earn one tier point for every $2500 in purchases, up to a maximum of 2 tier points per month. Therefore, you could theoretically become a Flying Club Silver member without flying at all. However, if you want to become a Gold member, you'll probably want to fly at least a couple times.

Virgin Atlantic World Elite MasterCard

Speaking of the credit cards, there are actually two distinct Virgin Atlantic cards: the Virgin Atlantic Black MasterCard and the Virgin Atlantic White MasterCard. Each version is issued by Bank of America, and each have their own unique perks. For example, the tier point bonus described above is only available with the Black card, so this is the one you must get if that is your top priority.

Here's a side by side comparison:

Black Card
White Card
20,000 Flying Club bonus miles after 1st purchase12,500 Flying Club bonus miles after 1st purchase
3 miles per $1 directly spent on VS purchases3 miles per $1 directly spent on VS purchases
1.5 miles per $1 spent on everyday purchases1 mile per $1 spent on everyday purchases
Up to 15000 bonus miles every anniversary Up to 7500 bonus points each anniversary
Up to 5000 bonus miles when add additional cardholders to accountUp to 2500 bonus miles when add additional cardholders to account

Earn and Spend Miles

The great thing about a large and well-known program like Flying Club is that they have an impressive number of partners from different industries. Therefore, as a member, you'll be able to earn and spend miles for flights, hotels, car rentals, and much more. Sounds great? You bet.

Airline Partners

Earn on qualifying flights with partner carriers. Booking is as simple as calling the carrier and quoting your membership number. Please note that you can only earn miles in one program for a particular flight. Therefore, you cannot earn both Phoenix Miles and Flying Club miles at the same time.

Find out how much you can earn here.

Hotel Partners

Do you spend half the year living in hotels? If so, this may be the miles-earning solution for you. Even if you only stay in hotels a handful of times each year, you can earn or redeem miles on a great night's sleep away from home. Here's how you can earn with each hotel partner:

Hotel Partner
Earning Opportunity
Best Western Earn 500 miles per stay.
Blue Sky LuxuryEarn 1 mile per USD spent on selected holiday homes.
Hilton WorldwideEarn miles per stay and exchange miles for HHonors points.
Hotel Du VinEarn 1000 miles per qualifying stay.
Hyatt Hotels and ResortsEarn 750 miles per stay.
InterContinental Hotels GroupEarn up to 500 miles per stay and exchange miles for IHG Rewards Club points.
ICMIEarn 500 miles per qualifying stay.
Jumeirah Hotels and ResortsEarn 1 mile per USD spent during a qualified stay.
Langham Hospitality GroupEarn up to 500 miles per night.
Malmaison (Hotels that dare to be different)Earn 1000 miles per qualifying stay.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel GroupEarn 1000 miles per qualifying stay.
Marco Polo Hotels Earn up to 1000 miles per qualifying stay.
Marriott RewardsEarn up to 2 miles per USD spent.
Millennium and Copthorne HotelsEarn 1000 miles at Millennium Hotels and 750 miles at Copthorne Hotels.
Morgans Hotel GroupEarn up to 1000 miles per qualifying stay.
Preferred Hotel GroupEarn 750 miles per qualifying stay.
Radisson Blu EdwardianEarn 500 miles per qualifying spend.
The Red Carnation Hotel CollectionEarn 2000 miles per qualifying stay.
Shangri-La Hotels and ResortsEarn 750 miles per qualifying stay.
Starwood Hotels and ResortsEarn up to 3 miles per USD spent.
Taj Hotels, Resorts, and PalacesEarn 500 miles per qualifying stay.
The May Fair HotelEarn 500 miles per qualifying stay.
WorldhotelsEarn 500 miles per qualifying stay.

Here are the hotel partners with which you can spend/redeem miles:

Gitcombe House Hilton Worldwide Intercontinental Hotels Group

Car Rental

For each rental with Alamo, Avis, Sixt, or Alamo, you'll earn up to 1,000 miles per rental. Then, if you'd like, you can spend your miles to rent with Stoutes Car Rental.

Local Partners

Think globally and act locally to make a positive impact in our world. (Note: Since Virgin Atlantic is a British carrier, local here refers to the UK.)

Local Partner
What You Can Do
Bombay brasserieEarn 250 miles per booking.
e-Rewards Opinion Panel Earn up to 500 miles.
EurostarSpend miles with Eurostar.
Free the ChildrenDonate your miles to charity.
No. 1 TravellerEarn up to 750 miles per booking.
Purple ParkingEarn up to 500 miles per booking.
Regus BusinessworldEarn Flying Club miles for every GBP spent.
Texaco Star RewardsConvert Star Rewards points into Flying Club miles.
TristarEarn 2 Flying Club miles for every GBP spent.
VisaCentralEarn 2 Flying Club miles for every GBP spent with VisaCentral.

Financial Partners

When you spend around the world through Virgin Atlantic's global network of financial partners, you can transfer the points or miles you earn into Flying Club miles.

Financial Partners
What You Can Do
American ExpressTransfer Membership Rewards points to Flying Club miles
Chase Ultimate RewardsTransfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles
Diners ClubTransfer Club Rewards points into Flying Club miles
Foreign ExchangeEarn 1 Flying Club mile for every GBP or equivalent exchanged
MoneycorpEarn 1 Flying Club mile for every GBP or equivalent
Virgin Atlantic Credit CardsUse credit card to earn miles faster

No. 1 Traveller Lounges

Visit the No. 1 Travellers Lounges throughout the UK for up to 3 hours or book one of their special all inclusive VIP packages. Here's the No. 1 Guide to No. 1 Traveller.

To book, visit this page and enter your Flying Club membership number when prompted.

Foreign Exchange

In need of some immediate foreign exchange? Take a gander at this service, exclusive to all Virgin Atlantic passengers.

Moneycorp are foreign exchange experts. Choose from more than 60 different currencies. All Flying Club members can earn miles by exchanging money commission-free. If you want to reserve currency ahead of time, you can do so online and collect your money from any Moneycorp bureau de change at Heathrow, Gatwick, and other UK airports, as well as a number of central London pickup locations.

You'll also be able to take advantage of an Exchange Rate Protection Guarantee at no extra cost. Have the money delivered to you at home or at a Virgin Atlantic branded and operated lounge. For the home delivery option, you can have currency delivered to home using next day UK delivery. For the Clubhouse and Revivals Lounge option, speak to the host when you arrive at the lounge and have your cash delivered to your seat while you enjoy a pre-flight drink.

Virgin Group

If the ability to spend and earn with just one Virgin company isn't enough for you, here's 22 more choices.

Company Name
What You Can Do
Babylon Restaurant Earn 10 miles per GBP spent.
Bales WorldwideEarn 2 miles per GBP spent.
Flying Without Fear Earn 2000 miles when you enroll in a course.
Kasbah Tamadot Earn 2000 miles for every night stayed.
Mahli MzuriEarn 6000 miles for every night stayed.
Necker IslandEarn and spend miles with Necker Island.
Roof Gardens Club and EventsEarn and spend miles at the Roof Gardens Club.
The LodgeEarn and spend miles at the Lodge.
UlusabaEarn and spend at Ulusaba.
Virgin ActiveSpend miles. South African members only.
Virgin Balloon FlightsSpend miles with Virgin Balloon Flights. UK members only.
Virgin Experience DaysEarn 2 miles per GBP spent.
Virgin GalacticSpend miles.
Virgin GamesEarn 1 mile per 1 High Flyer point.
Virgin Gift Card and VoucherSpend miles with Virgin Gift Card.
Virgin HolidaysEarn and spend miles with Virgin Holidays.
Virgin Holidays + HIP HotelsEarn and spend miles with Virgin Holidays + HIP Hotels.
Virgin Holidays CruisesEarn and spend with Virgin Holidays Cruises.
Virgin MoneyEarn miles with Virgin Money.
Virgin TrainsEarn 2 miles per GBP spent.
Virgin VacationsSpend miles with Virgin Vacations. US members only.
Virgin Wines Earn and spend miles with Virgin Wines.

Shop and Earn

If you enjoy shopping, and we know you do, we have some good news for you: down two birds with one stone. Shop while you earn, earn while you shop, whatever you prefer. Here's where you can do it:

Shop Name
What You Get
Chic Outlet ShoppingEarn 1 mile for every GBP spent.
Retail TherapyEarn 4 miles for every GBP spent.
Shops AwayEarn miles for every GBP/USD spent.
Tesco ClubcardEarn 2.5 miles per GBP spent at Tesco Stores, Tesco Direct, and
Heathrow RewardsCollect 1 Worldpoint for every GBP spent at participating retailers.

Refer A Friend

Another fun way to stockpile miles is sharing the program with your friends. The more, the merrier. Convince your friends of the benefits of Flying Club (shouldn't be very difficult), and once they concur with you, you'll benefit when these friends book their first flight with Virgin Atlantic. It's a simple concept - scratch Virgin's back, and they'll scratch yours. Once you are ready to take the plunge, simply log in to your online account, add emails of friends whom you would like to share the program with, and Virgin Atlantic will take over from there.

When your friend books their first flight, one of a number of points scenarios may play out. If they choose to fly on a UK domestic route with Little Red for their first round trip, you'll automatically earn 1,000 miles. If economy class is where they choose to fly, double that number up to 2,000. Premium economy? Multiply that by a factor of 2.5 for a grand total of 5,000 bonus miles. If you hit the jackpot with your high net worth friends, who fly in Upper Class, you'll earn a whopping 10,000 miles. For booking their first flight with Virgin Atlantic as a part of the program, your friends will also be eligible to earn up to 2,000 bonus miles, so everybody wins - it's like a trophy for participation.

With A Cherry On Top

Want to reach rewards sooner? We're glad you asked. Here's the scoop:

  • Buy Miles - Reach for the stars (and your rewards) sooner with the option to buy miles. Purchase up to 100,000 miles, in increments of 1,000.

  • Gift Miles - Treat that special someone in your life. Gift up to 100,000 miles in any calendar year in increments of 1,000.

  • Transfer Miles - Transfer up to 100,000 miles in any calendar year in increments of 1,000. The absolute maximum that you can receive is also 100,000 miles, according to the official rulebook.

  • Miles Booster - Propel yourself towards your rewards quicker than ever. You're in the Flying Club, so might as well spread your wings and fly. Miles Booster gives you the choice of buying the base flown miles or double the base flown miles for the trip you're taking. You can also retroactively give yourself a boost for flights you've flown over last 6 months. Of course, cabin bonus and tier bonus miles are not included in the miles that you boost.

Spend Miles on Flights

Ready to unload your miles for a trip to Cancun? We had a feeling that you might, so put on your sombrero and take a look at this page for more information.

Reward Seat Top Tips

Having trouble getting that coveted reward seat? Try name-dropping your friend who also happens to be a top executive in the company. (Richard Branson, for example.) If this strategy does not work out, take a look at Virgin Atlantic's own complied rewards tips.

Upgrading Your Flight Experience

If you purchased a full adult published fare in B, L, M, R, S, U, W, or Y class, you may be eligible for an upgrade. This is also the case if you happen to be flying on other non-published ticket types, like discounted, corporate, travel agent, or tour operator fares, in B, Y, or W class. For more information, or if you're ready to book, please contact Virgin Atlantic's helpline. An additional note: All upgrades are subject to availability and can only be used on Virgin Atlantic flights.


Check it out - it's a portmanteau of the terms "combine" and "fares". As a Flying Club member, take advantage of a fare that combines a one-way Virgin Atlantic mileage reward flight with any Premium Economy or Economy revenue fare (Upper Class excluded) on the other sector. With this option, you'll only need half the miles to start enjoying rewards flights. Qualifying fares are Premium Economy (W, S, and K) and Economy (Y, B, R, L, U, M, E, Q, X, N, and O).

Miles Plus Money

A similar type of ticket you can purchase is Miles Plus Money, which allows you to use miles towards the cost of a revenue round trip journey. These are essentially exclusive reduced fares that combine miles and money for the whole round trip. You only need 2,000 miles to get started with a reduced economy class fare. A similar Premium Economy fare requires 7,500 miles, and the Upper Class fare: 15,000 miles.

Upper Class Chauffeur

Want to commute to the airport in style? Book a chauffeur driven car service from your front door to the terminal for only 17,500 miles one-way. To do so, all you have to do is call the Flying Club helpline (these guys at the call center are very versatile). You can also call the helpline for assistance if you want to check that your requested pick up point is included in the chauffeur driven car service available to you.

Here are the restrictions that apply:

To/from London-Heathrow, London-Gatwick, or ManchesterMust be within 75 miles of airport.
To/from United States/South African airportsPlease check. For the US, there is a 75 mile radius when traveling on Virgin Atlantic only.

If your trip goes over the limit, excess charge is $3.50 per mile, paid in cash or credit card.

The Most Insanely Awesome Ways To Spend Your Points

While there are many excellent ways to spend your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points, there are 2 that clearly stand out above the rest. If you have enough points to redeem them, these are the two Virgin exclusives that you must take advantage of.

An Unforgettable Getaway to Richard Branson's Private Island

Whisk yourself off to paradise in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Relax in the midst of crystal clear turquoise waters without a care in the world. During this special seven night retreat, which takes place during the annual celebration weeks, you'll share the island compound house party style with 13 other couples. A highly romantic, once-in-a-lifetime escape for 1.2 million miles - go for it!

Launch Yourself Into The Space Race

If you're like most kids, you've probably considered becoming an astronaut at some point in your life. If you still haven't had the chance to realize this dream (we know some of you out there haven't), why not do it with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points? If you have 2 million miles (earned exclusively on Virgin Atlantic flights), you can enter into a drawing for your chance to fly into outer space. You'll be able to see the Earth from 360,000 feet above while you travel at three times the speed of sound!

Earning and Spending Calculators

To make your mileage plan easier to figure out, Virgin Atlantic has been gracious enough to provide an earning calculator and a spending calculator for flights. If that's not an incentive to go nuts on earning and spending, we don't know what is.


Want to be the first to find out about Virgin Atlantic's latest special offers and other news? If so, keep this page open in one of your broswer tabs. Don't keep your fingers far from that F5 key.

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Virgin Atlantic has a tremendous, well-run frequent flyer program, and it's almost complete. The only missing ingredient? You and your hearty smile! Simply sign up for the program, and you'll open up a door with unlimited possibilities of travel and leisure rewards, up to a seven night stay at Necker Island. We've given you everything you need to know to get started, so it's now up to you to choose your destiny. Choose wisely, make all the right earning decisions, and you'll start to see some of your travel and leisure dreams turning into reality.

Contact Information for Flying Club

If you want to contact Virgin Atlantic for any reason related to the Flying Club program, whether you want to upgrade your ticket or book with a partner carrier using Flying Club miles, find the correct contact information here.

Terms and Conditions

Here are Virgin's terms and conditions regarding the Flying Club program. Before you check the agree box, read the fine print, or at least fax it over to your attorney to make sure everything is all right.

Additional Information

Official Website


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