London City First Class Lounge (LCY) - The World’s Most Affordable “Private Jet” Ground Experience

Located a mere stone’s throw away from the heart of London within the Royal Docks, London City Airport is the preferred airport of choice for business travelers who live and work in one of the world’s most significant metropolises. Due to its proximity to Canary Wharf and the City of London, two of the United Kingdom’s (and the world’s) main financial centres, London City attracts a relatively wealthy, well-heeled clientele, with many finance professionals and executives represented among those who fly off for meetings and vacations on private jets. Of course, London City Airport’s clientele is not limited to only bankers and other elite business travelers. Because of its favorable centralized location, the airport is also popular among business and leisure travelers as well as well-known A-list celebrities and even the British Royal Family.

If you’d like to get a taste of the royal treatment yourself when traveling through London City Airport, the LoungeBuddy and London City Airport partnership now makes this a reality. While it was previously made available only to those departing on private jets, this is no longer the case today. Starting now, you can book access with LoungeBuddy and enjoy a world-class experience before your flight for an incredibly reasonable price, even when you’re flying commercial. This is truly the closest that you can get to a private jet experience without flying on a private jet.

Book your visit to the London City Airport First Class Lounge.

One special feature that guests really appreciate is the unparalleled one to one service. Unlike most lounges, where guests tend to outnumber staff members by a considerable amount, you’ll always have someone readily available to take care of all your most pressing, and even less pressing, needs. From the moment you arrive at the airport to the time you board your flight, a staff member will always be there to ensure that everything goes swimmingly during your journey.

Upon arrival, a staff member provides a warm greeting and takes you over to the lounge, where you can enjoy relaxation and peace of mind before your flight. If you have luggage to check in or boarding passes to print, relax, and it’ll all be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Upon entering the lounge, a selection of delicious refreshments await, perfect complements to the calm and soothing atmosphere that’ll serve as your home away from home during your stay. Work, read, nap, play, sip champagne, or enjoy a little bit of everything. When the plane is ready to depart, zip through security past nonexistent lines typically in less than 90 seconds. Then, for the finale, you’ll be driven right across the tarmac to your plane for boarding to cap off a marvelous pre-flight experience.

Arriving at the Facility

The Private Jet Terminal, which houses the London City Airport First Class Lounge, is a located short distance away from the main terminal, about 0.65 kilometers (~0.4 miles) to the left near the Connaught Bridge roundabout. After arriving at this discreet location via private car or taxi, you’ll be met by a lounge representative to take you into the lounge and forward on your journey.

If you choose to make the commute from the city center by train, the trip to London City Airport takes about half an hour. Once you make your way off the train, head on down the escalators, and you’ll find a large sign hanging from the ceiling, with a direction to Drew Rd. on one side, and London City Airport, Buses, and Taxis on the other.

Go past the escalators towards the London City Airport side, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself in the midst of London City Airport’s check in hall, with self service check in machines lining the corridor on one side and floor-to-ceiling windows on the other.

Assuming that all arrangements have been taken care of, your exclusive, luxurious, one-of-a-kind lounge visit is only minutes away at this point. Once you spot a well dressed individual in a custom tailored suit with a sign sporting the words “First Class Lounge”, you’ll know for sure that you’re in the right place. After warmly greeting you by name, the concierge will escort you over to the private terminal where the lounge is located.

If you have any luggage that you would like to check, one amazing perk is that the concierge will not hesitate to take you directly to the front of the line and handle the check in and baggage process on your behalf. Otherwise, if you’d prefer to hold on to your luggage a bit longer, you may bring your bags over to the private First Class Lounge, where the staff will be more than happy to help you check them in.

After a quick drive in a Mercedes Benz vehicle, you’ll find yourself in front of a corridor at the side of a nondescript building.

Unlike the rest of the airport, those who use the private terminal and the First Class Lounge tend to fly private rather than commercial. While you may come across a famous celebrity in the airport terminal from time to time, chances that you’ll encounter a famous celebrity enjoying a beverage increases significantly when you’re a guest at this lounge. If, instead of taking the train, you had decided to drive to the airport instead, this is where you would have disembarked to begin your pre-flight journey. Walk straight down the corridor, check in at the front desk, and voila, you’re in.

Lounge Features and Highlights

With a seating capacity of eighteen, the lounge is a highly personalized and exclusive space, evoking a sense of privacy, peace, and comfort away from the crowds.

If you arrive in the morning hours, you’ll be able to savor a variety of breakfast items available at no cost. If you arrive instead in the afternoon or evening hours, you’ll be presented with the sandwich platter, featuring a row of crustless bread sandwiches with varied ingredients and fillings along with a plate of dessert canapes and strawberries, along with several boxes of Godiva chocolates.

The lounge consists of two primary rooms, including a main room geared towards relaxation with fourteen seats. These seats are arranged into three clusters of four seats and one grouping of two seats.

The other room is the side room, which is where you’ll find premium snacks and four seats around an intimate dining-room table with cozy lighting.

The windows are made of electrochromic glass, which allows you to block out natural light and drastically eliminate virtually all visibility from the other side, should you choose to do so. This is perfect for blocking out the intense glare of the London sun, not to mention all the nosy paparazzi looking to get a peek while you’re attempting to get some much needed rest.

When you’re ready for some refreshments, head on over into the side room for an extensive selection of snacks and beverages. Some of the available options include red and white wine, cold beers, liquors and spirits, soft drinks, juices, waters (mineral, carbonated, still, coconut, spring), coffee, tea, and even excellent chilled champagne.

In the side room, you’ll discover a selection of tasty premium packaged snacks, including popcorn, nuts, pretzels, dried sliced coconut, Jelly Belly jellybeans, and Jello Babes.

If you have any special requests, whether concerning diet restrictions, special celebrations or occasions, or anything else you can think of, be sure to contact LoungeBuddy in advance with this information, and we’ll work with you to provide these details to the lounge.

Power outlets, adapters, and USB chargers/ports are all available for your electronic charging requirements. Because of the quiet and relaxing atmosphere, the main lounge is an excellent place to get some work done. To pass the time, the lounge provides multiple televisions, along with newspapers and an entire wall of magazines for guests to browse through.

If you need further assistance with any flight related issues, like getting a new boarding pass printed, printing new labels for your luggage, and more, an agent from your airline will be ready and waiting in the back office to spring to action should the occasion arise.

When it is time to board your flight, simply head on through the next door to enter the private security and immigration screening area. The process is quick and easy, as you can imagine, given that there are virtually no other passengers waiting in line. Once you’re done with screening, simply walk out the door, and you’ll find another vehicle to drive you to your plane for boarding.


The London City Airport First Class Lounge service is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a luxurious, top-of-the-line experience typically reserved for private jet passengers. This incredible deal, which provides added convenience, a heightened sense of privacy, and one-to-one service, simply can’t be beat. If you are flying with only a carryon, you could even cut it really close, show up 40 minutes before departure, and still have ample time to eat and drink before being taken to your plane. Instead of paying separately for priority boarding, priority security lanes, lounge access, and/or food and drinks, all of this can be had for one reasonable, all-inclusive price. Book your visit today, and you’ll have the opportunity to relax and enjoy all of the above amenities and much more in one of the world’s most exclusive airport oases.

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