oneworld: The Ultimate Guide

What is oneworld?

oneworld is one of the three major global airline alliances, with the other two being Star Alliance and SkyTeam. The oneworld network consists of 13 member airlines who as a whole fly to over 1,000 destination airports in 150+ countries. The alliance's fleet is comprised of more than 3,400 aircraft transporting over 500 million passengers per year.

Tip: oneworld is often abbreviated as OW when chatting with frequent flyers. Hat tip to @FlyerTalk

What are the different status levels?

The oneworld program offers three levels of status: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. oneworld Emerald is the top tier elite status, and as such, offers significantly more benefits than Sapphire (medium tier) and Ruby statuses for frequent travelers.

How do I obtain status with this alliance?

As with the other two major alliances, Star Alliance and SkyTeam, oneworld doesn't offer a frequent flyer program. However, joining any oneworld member's frequent flyer program will allow you to earn and redeem miles across the network.

oneworld Ruby Status Qualifications

The oneworld partners' frequent flyer programs each have their own tiers that translate to Ruby status. This status can be attained in a variety of ways, generally through obtaining a minimum amount of miles (13000-30000 qualifying miles) and/or segments (14 - 35 segments).

oneworld Sapphire Status Qualifications

Sapphire status is generally achieved by flying more than double that for Ruby status in both miles and/or segments.

oneworld Emerald Status Qualifications

As oneworld's highest tier, Emerald status requires more qualification miles traveled than both Ruby and Sapphire statuses combined. By reaching this significant milestone you can enjoy some extremely exclusive and valuable benefits of being an Emerald flyer with oneworld.

What are the benefits associated with each status level?

Business Class Priority Check-Inxxx
Preferred/Pre-Reserved Seatingxxx
Waitlist Priorityxxx
Business Class Lounge Accessxx
Priority Boardingxx
Extra Baggage Allowancexx
Priority Baggage Handlingxx
Security Lane Fast Trackx
First Class Priority Check-Inx
First Class Lounge Accessx

oneworld Ruby Status

The benefits of Ruby status include:

Business Class Priority Check-In

Access shorter lines with Business class priority check-in.

Priority Seating

Receive preferred seating options with your status.

Priority Reservations Waitlist/Airport Standby

If your desired flight is booked, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald members have a higher priority on the reservations waitlist. In addition, members receive priority on the standby lists for requested flights.

oneworld Sapphire Status

The benefits of Sapphire status include those of Ruby status (see above) and:

Business Class Lounge Access

Seeking a quiet oasis to be productive, enjoy a beverage, freshen up, or relax? As a Sapphire member, you are granted access to all of oneworld's business class lounges when traveling on a oneworld carrier.* Each lounge has a unique set of amenities and offerings, so be sure to check LoungeBuddy to find the right oasis for your needs. Sapphire members may also bring in a guest. For more details, see below.

*Access to AA Admirals Clubs is not permitted if you are flying solely within North America

Priority Boarding

Board at your convenience. As a Sapphire member, you receive priority boarding at any time during the boarding process.

Priority Baggage Handling

As a Sapphire member, you'll receive priority baggage handling when traveling in any cabin on an eligible oneworld flight.

*Not available when flying on British Airways

Extra Baggage

On oneworld itineraries using the baggage allowance "weight" system, you will receive 33 pounds (15 kilograms) in addition to the ticketed Economy allowance. On international itineraries (including domestic sectors flown as part of international itineraries) using the baggage allowance "piece" system, you will receive a second bag weighing up to 50 pounds (23 kilograms) when the ticketed allowance is one bag. On domestic itineraries only with flights using the baggage allowance "piece" system, you are guaranteed at least one piece of checked luggage, weighing up to 50 pounds (23 kilograms), even when the regular ticketed allowance has no free allowance.

*Not available on some short British Airways flights that require only "Hand Baggage Only" fare. For domestic routes operated by LAN Airlines, Sapphire cardholders may check in up to 2 bags with combined weight not exceeding 50 pounds (23 kilograms).

oneworld Emerald Status

The benefits of Emerald status include those of Ruby and Sapphire tiers (see above) and:

Express Security Lanes

Breeze through security at many airports with the "Fast Track" or "Priority Lanes" at security check points.

Extra Baggage

Emerald Members can either check in one additional bag if the piece concept applies, or check in an extra 44 pounds (20 kilograms) if the weight concept applies. You can find which concept applies by checking your ticket (if nothing is written, the piece concept applies).

*Not available on some short British Airways flights that require only "Hand Baggage Only" fare.

First Class Priority Check-In

Access shorter lines through First class priority check-in.

First Class Lounge Access

Make traveling less stressful and more productive with access to oneworld's First Class Lounges when flying on a oneworld carrier, regardless of the class of service you are flying. Emerald members may also bring in a guest. For more details, see below.

oneworld Lounge Access Policy

Who is eligible to access oneworld's lounges?

The alliance's access policy states that the following groups of travelers should receive lounge access.

First and Business Class

Customers departing from an airport, flying in First or Business Class on any oneworld member carrier's flight can access more than 600 lounges around the world by simply showing your ticket*. First Class customers can also enjoy the lounge with a guest.

*Access to AA Admirals Clubs is not permitted if you are flying solely within North America

Sapphire Tier Frequent Flyers

Sapphire customers are welcome to experience most Business Class or frequent flyer lounges in the airport that you are departing from with a boarding pass to a oneworld flight and frequent flyer membership card. You may also bring in a guest who is departing as well on any oneworld flight in any class of service to enjoy the perks together.

Emerald Tier Frequent Flyers

Enjoy First Class, Business Class or frequent flyer lounges with oneworld Emerald status. Bring a guest who's also departing on a oneworld flight, and make it a productive, fun, and/or relaxing experience. Simply show your oneworld ticket and elite status card provided by the carrier through which you have elite status.

Lounge Amenities

Airport lounges seek to make air travel less stressful for every passenger, and oneworld member lounges strive to do just that. Many of oneworld members' lounges offer amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, food and drinks, showers, and entertainment options. In these spaces, you can relax in a tranquil oasis away from the chaotic atmosphere of the airport terminal.

Please use the LoungeBuddy App to obtain more specific details about each lounge.

Lounge Locations

oneworld offers lounges in airports all over the world. For specific airports and locations within the airports, please check out the LoungeBuddy App.

oneworld Partner Airlines

American Airlines
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
Japan Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Qatar Airways
Royal Air Maroc
Royal Jordanian
S7 Airlines
SriLankan Airlines

Additional Information

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