SAS EuroBonus: The Ultimate Guide

EuroBonus is the official frequent flyer program for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), the flag carrier for the nations of Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. As with other frequent flyer programs, EuroBonus allows you to earn points on travel related purchases, including, but not limited to airline tickets, hotel room bookings, and airport transfer services. Once you accumulate enough points, you can swap them in exchange for a number of rewards, including complimentary award flights. By surpassing certain point thresholds (with basic points), you can move up the membership tier ranks. Each of these tiers provide certain rewards, and as you trek your way up the pyramid, more travel related benefits will reveal themselves to you.

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How Does EuroBonus Work?

Once you sign up to participate in the EuroBonus frequent flyer program, you are officially ready to start digging for points. These points can be broken up into two types: basic and extra. Basic points can be redeemed for award flights, and these points will help you scale the membership tier ladder. Similarly, extra points can be redeemed for award flights, although it is important to note that these are not taken into account for membership tier advancement purposes.

Every time you fly with SAS or a Star Alliance partner on a scheduled revenue flight, you will earn basic points. In most cases, the more you fly, the higher your service class, and the more you pay for your tickets, the more points you will accumulate. Certain flights operated by other airlines on behalf of SAS, meanwhile, will earn you extra points. If you fly a lot of charter routes on SAS to the Mediterranean for your weekly summer jaunts, chances are you know how to have fun and live a little. Unfortunately, one downside is that these flights will typically not reward you with large gift baskets of points, nor do flights on certain routes from Copenhagen/Stockholm to Moscow/St. Petersburg, no matter how much you end up paying for them.

Cuddle up with a good book onboard

Points can also accumulate when you stay with partner hotels or rent cars from approved partners like Avis and Hertz. Points accumulated with EuroBonus Partners will typically fall under the category of extra points. Once you feel like you have more points than you need, you may be ready to trade them in to reap great rewards. This could be anything from new trips to special offers on the EuroBonus webshop to upgrades to a higher service class (Go to Plus, Plus to Business) when you fly. Through said webshop, you can choose from a diverse array of merchandise on hand, including chapter books, pretty flowers, electronic devices, and clothing from EuroBonus partners. There's something for everybody, from all walks of life.

To manage most aspects of your EuroBonus membership, be sure to log on to As soon as you sign up for the program, you can begin earning points towards that future SAS Diamond membership. If you want to prove your indomitable sense of chutzpah, scratch that - SAS Pandion it is. It's as simple as 1-2-3. Just remember to type in the number on your EuroBonus card when you book, and do not miss out on SAS's newsletters, where you can be the first to learn about their latest offerings for members. If you keep your card handy and play it right, you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above and more.

EuroBonus Partners

SAS currently has over 70 partners with which it cooperates in operating the EuroBonus program. These partners offer a number of point redemption opportunities. In addition, you can take advantage of their services to earn points towards your collection. Carrier partners include Widerøe, a regional Norwegian airline, airBaltic, the Latvian flag carrier, Atlantic Airways, the state carrier of the Faeroe Islands, Estonian Air, Estonia's flag carrier, and you guessed it - SAS's good buddies from Star Alliance. Other companies that SAS counts as partners are certain hotel chains, credit card issuers, notable names in the car rental industry, airport transfer services, and restaurants. If you are looking for a good resource to cram for your imperial examination on SAS' EuroBonus partners, this is the interactive page for you.

Widerøe is the place to gø

Membership Tiers

Publicly, since the recent overhaul of the program in April 2014, four membership levels exist within the Eurobonus framework, along with a fifth top-secret level that is not quite as well-publicized. We all have to start somewhere, and EuroBonus members will typically start out as an entry level Member (with absolutely no hazing involved, we promise).


Member benefits are as follows:

  • Special offers from SAS and partners, including benefits and discounts
  • Free calls and texts with the EuroBonus Connect app (to other EuroBonus members)
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard SAS aircrafts


After earning 20,000 basic points in a year or following through with 10 one way trips, it's time to celebrate your induction into the Silver-level echelons of the EuroBonus program with a hearty dish of rødgrød med fløde. Benefits include all those offered to Member level members, in addition to the following:

  • free subscription to EuroBonus Traveler member magazine if you have a valid address in Scandinavia
  • No booking fee when using member service for award flights
  • Business check-in when flying with SAS
  • Complimentary usage of SAS Fast Track lane in Scandinavia and Finland and SAS lounge access worldwide when traveling on SAS or Widerøe (valid July 1st to August 31st and December 15th to January 15th, so be sure to book your Scandinavian vacation during these times). For your lounge visits, you can bring one guest or up to 4 members of your immediate family.
  • Best availability of award flights with SAS with 10% discount
  • One free extra baggage item with SAS, including skis and golf bags (Maximum 23kg each)


Once you earn 50,000 basic points or travel on 50 one way trips, you will have earned the right to boast about your EuroBonus Gold membership. For this occasion, celebrate with a freshly made Swedish semla from your local bakery. In addition to all Silver member benefits, Gold members will receive the following:

  • Business class check-in benefits on partner Star Alliance carriers
  • Complimentary usage of SAS Fast Track lane and SAS lounge access worldwide when traveling on SAS or Widerøe, or other Star Alliance carriers. For Fast Track in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Oslo, as well as your lounge visits, you can bring one guest or up to 4 members of your immediate family.
  • Best availability of award flights with SAS with 20% discount
  • 2 free baggage with SAS, one free or 20kg extra baggage with Star Alliance carriers
  • Earn 25% more basic points on SAS, Widerøe, and Estonian Air
  • Priority baggage handling and boarding
  • 24 hour hotline (even in Scandinavia)
  • Ability to choose seats in advance
  • Free SAS Smart Pass, which utilizes NFC technology to allow you to identify yourself quickly when traveling through an airport (requires home address in Scandinavia)
  • Guaranteed seat when booking 48 hours before departure
  • No annual fee for SAS EuroBonus Diners Club or MasterCard
  • Give away a free Silver card to an individual of your choice (friend, family member)


Once you reach 100,000 points or 100 one way trips, you can proudly call yourself a Diamond member and reward yourself with a delicious kransekaka. Diamond members will receive all of the Gold member benefits, in addition to the following:

  • Best availability of award flights with SAS with 30% discount
  • Give away Gold card or 2 Silver cards (great if you have 2 family members fighting over your free card)
  • Extended point validity (EuroBonus points are typically valid for 5 years, if you have Diamond, points are forever)
  • Choose a welcome gift from the SAS Goodie bag (Christmas comes twice this year)


The highest level of the EuroBonus program is Pandion, an exclusive tier that is awarded personally to about 1500 selected customers by the CEO of SAS. This tier comes with the highest level of benefits, and each membership is re-evaluated on a yearly basis. The only way to guarantee membership in this program is to fly more often than the pilots and crew on SAS themselves. Of course, you can also attempt to become a part of the CEO's exclusive social circle, though there are no guarantees that you'll become a close enough friend to receive the Pandion membership. If you reach this level, you certainly deserve a free overflødighedshorn for your efforts.

SAS has updated their business class within the last 20 years. In conjunction, premium passengers have also updated their clothing styles over the past 20 years.

Discounts for Children

Age is but a number when it comes to EuroBonus membership, and all passengers under 18 are welcome to join. Like adult members, minors can earn EuroBonus points and spend on bonus trips, hotel nights, and other special offers. Children under 11 receive an additional benefit: 50% discount on the number of points required in order to book a trip. This special discount applies for travel on SAS, airBaltic, Widerøe, Estonian Air, and Atlantic Airways.

Short On Points? You're In Luck!

Should you find yourself standing only 1,000 points away from that perfect award flight, don't simply sit on your hands. Take decisive action, and purchase additional points here. Keep in mind, however, that there must be a minimum of at least one previous activity on your account before this purchase. There is no limit on the amount of points you can purchase, though purchases are only available in blocks of 1,000. Points can be purchased online with MasterCard, Visa, or Amex. The points you purchase will count as extra points, and will not count towards membership tier upgrades. Here are the rates for commonly-bought points blocks:


Transfer Points

If you want to lend a helping hand to an amigo who is only centimeters away from being eligible to redeem that award flight to the beautiful city of Gothenburg, don't let anyone stop you. As long as you have been a EuroBonus member for one year, you are welcome to transfer points to fellow members for a small transaction fee. The minimum transfer amount starts at 1,000 extra points, and goes all the way up to 50,000. The most an individual member can transfer in one year is 100,000 extra points, though no limits on the number of transactions exist. However, we believe that this number must be capped at 100,000/1,000, or 100 max. As a receiver of points, you can take in up to 200,000 points per year. Here are the assorted transfer fees for different amounts of points transferred:

Transfer Fee

Missing Points

Did you forget to officially register your trip with SAS from 5 months ago? If so, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because SAS has generously allowed you to register your missing points. This offer is valid for up to 6 months after your purchase, and if you are new to EuroBonus, you can claim points for flights, hotel stays, and car rental transactions that took place within the 30 days prior to your official join date.

Family Points Pooling

If you'd like to take a family pooling approach to earning EuroBonus points, you can do this too. By pooling your family's EuroBonus points into one family account, you can accumulate points to use towards award flights and other fun activities together. Simply start by designating one adult member's account as the family account, and you can connect up to 7 other giving accounts. (perfectly accommodates most conventional family sizes) Once you start a family account, all new points are transferred automatically on the 8th of each month, and if have already begun to earn points in your personal account, you can decide to either keep them or transfer them manually to the family account.

Take a trip to the North Pole

Some Basic Terms and Conditions to Keep In Mind:

  • You can only participate in one family account at a time and only as either a contributor or recipient, not both.
  • All family account members must provide info about their relationship with the recipient.
  • Family account members can leave the account at any time, though they cannot transfer points from family account to any other account. In other words, points in the family account stays in the family account. (think "what happens in Vegas")
  • Not all points earned in a giving account can be transferred to family account. This include points that you earn you participate in EuroBonus quizzes, in addition to points that are used to determine your membership level.
  • Basic points transferred to family accounts will be registered as extra points. Expiry date of all transferred points will be determined based on your qualification period.

SAS EuroBonus Credit Cards

If you sign up for one of the credit cards listed on this page, you can earn extra points towards your next dream trip on eligible purchases, including everyday transactions with groceries and petrol.

EuroBonus Connect App

Like LoungeBuddy, the EuroBonus Connect app is available for free on iOS and Android platforms. By using this app, you can make free calls to fellow EuroBonus members as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection or access to a 3G/4G network. If you'd like, you can even call someone who is not a EuroBonus member (gasp) at rates that are typically lower than those offered by competitive mobile providers, according to SAS.

Nothing but blue skies ahead


If you are a frequent flyer looking for a program to join, and you happen to fly frequently with SAS or any of their partner carriers, be sure to give strong consideration to the EuroBonus program. As a multi-time Freddie Award winner with 22 years of experience on its belt and counting, the EuroBonus program counts legions of satisfied members from both outside and within Scandinavia, and SAS welcomes you with open arms to be the next!

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