Essentials For Stress-Free Summer Travel - Lyft, CLEAR + LoungeBuddy

At LoungeBuddy, we enable travelers to have a better airport experience. This summer, LoungeBuddy partnered with Lyft and CLEAR to provide a more comfortable and efficient journey. Sign up at

Easily get to and from the airport with Lyft

The myriad of choices to get to and from the airport can be overwhelming. Sometimes you have to take a train to an airtrain. Driving yourself might put you in a far off, distant land that is only accessible by a parking shuttle. A train might lead to you an airtrain adding time to your journey. Forget cash? Forget tipping your taxi driver.

Lyft makes going to and from the airport easier. No need to worry about parking. Upon arrival, find your Lyft at a number of designated pickup locations easily found in the Lyft app. Also convenient in the app, tipping your driver. For more information about how to get to and from the airport with Lyft, go to:

Quickly pass through airport security with CLEAR

At LoungeBuddy, we’re fans of CLEAR. Skip the security line and know you can get to your gate in a matter of minutes with CLEAR. Check out our review of CLEAR at

Relax upon arrival at the airport with LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy insiders know how to access an oasis in the chaos of the airport. But do you know that LoungeBuddy is now in over 380 lounges in 200 airports? Download the LoungeBuddy app or go to to fast track your entry to your very own airport escape.

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