The Ultimate Guide to Swissport

Swissport is one of the world's largest providers of aviation services. Swissport's operations is currently divided into a number of separate service lines, with perhaps the most significant of these being their airport lounges division. There are currently over 40 airport lounge locations in their worldwide network (as of February 26, 2015), and these can be accessed by all passengers, regardless of class of travel or carrier, through the purchase of a one-time day pass.

Aspire Lounge in Edinburgh

Swissport's network of airport oasis allows you to relax and refresh during your trip, away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the chaotic terminal area. Swissport's lounges have won numerous awards over the years for their quality, so if there's one thing you can look forward to, it's an enhanced airport experience filled with comfort and relaxation.

Aspire Lounge in London-Gatwick North

Accessing Swissport Lounges

Access With LoungeBuddy

Book access to Swissport's lounge locations across the UK through our web portal or the LoungeBuddy App!

Swissport's Partners' Members

Swissport also provides lounge access to select members of their business partners, which include:

Rates for access vary based on terms negotiated by each partner.

Swissport One-Time Entrance Pass

All travelers can purchase one-time entrance passes to any Swissport lounge. At the moment, most of these lounges are available for purchase either on the LoungeBuddy website or through the LoungeBuddy App, for instant access or up to 62 days in advance of your planned visit.

While the price for a one-time entrance pass varies, it is usually anywhere between $25 and $60 per visit for 3 hours. Please refer to the LoungeBuddy App for exact pricing, as it varies by location.

What does each Swissport Lounge Location Offer?

Aspire Lounge in Helsinki-Vantaa

At Swissport lounges, the entrance fee is all-inclusive*, which means that you can enjoy complimentary food, beverages, and many other offerings at no additional cost. You can choose from a variety of drinks, a range that includes alcoholic beverages: wines, beers and spirits, as well as nonalcoholic drinks like soft drinks, tea and coffee. You may also choose to try out some of the complimentary snacks on hand, which includes nuts, chips, biscuits, and unique regional offerings depending on the location. In most cases, Wi-Fi is also provided. For more specific amenities by location, please refer to the LoungeBuddy App.

In addition, if you find yourself in need of special assistance, the lounge staff is available to help you at all times. For roughly the same amount of money that you would typically spend in an airport terminal on food, beverages, Wi-Fi, and other items, you can access an all-inclusive experience in a exclusive space, where you can enjoy these same amenities and much more. In the relatively peaceful and tranquil environment of the lounge, you can relax, increase your productivity, or get some much needed rest before your upcoming flight.

*Champagne and full meals from partner restaurants are not included

Club Mobay Lounge in Montego Bay

Lounge Dress Code

Swissport Lounges enforces a smart casual dress code. Shorts* and sports attire such as baseball caps and football shirts are not permitted.

*"smart, tailored knee-length shorts" are acceptable


Swissport's loyalty scheme, LoungeMiles, gives you a £5 voucher for a selected shop or restaurant after 5 Servisair lounge visits.

Aspire Lounge in Copenhagen


In addition to numerous airports around the world, Swissport's lounges can be found in virtually every major airport within the UK. Because these lounges are not operated by a carrier or credit card company, one of the great things is that they are open to anyone who desires to enhance their air travel experience. With the payment of a one-time fee, even the most casual and infrequent of travelers can take advantage of the opportunity to relax in their very own exclusive airport oasis. If you want to find more about individual Swissport lounges, LoungeBuddy is here to help!

Swissport Aspire Lounge in Manchester

Swissport Lounge Locations

Swissport operates 40 lounges worldwide, and the majority are based in the United Kingdom, continental Europe and Canada. Please refer to the LoungeBuddy App for more information about the locations.

Aspire Lounge in Luton


Swissport on Twitter

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