The Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington DC: An Inside Look

The Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington DC at Dulles Airport brings the luxurious carrier’s signature brand of airport lounge hospitality to the United States for the first time. Following it’s long-awaited opening on September 1st, 2016, this five thousand square feet space affords weary travelers the opportunity to refresh, relax, and unwind in a spacious, soothing oasis away from the bustling crowds in the terminal concourse. This lounge is operated by TAV, which operates their own trademark brand of Primeclass Lounges around the world, as well as Turkish Airlines’ domestic lounges in Turkey. In this exclusive space, guests will have the opportunity to savor rich and tasty foods and beverages, freshen up with a rejuvenating shower, or even read or meditate by a lush green wall. It’s everything you need to prepare yourself for your upcoming flight, so be sure to book your visit today with LoungeBuddy!

This lounge is located in Washington-Dulles Airport’s Concourse B, next to Gate B43. Fortunately for passengers traveling out of the other concourses, Dulles Airport allows all passengers to access all airside concourses, regardless of which specific concourse you may be flying from. Thus, whether you’re flying out of Concourse A, B, C, D, or Z, or whether you’re flying on United, American, Delta, Southwest, Turkish Airlines, Virgin America, or any other carrier, the Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington DC will be physically accessible to you. To help facilitate quick and efficient movement between terminals, the airport provides a free people mover service, Aerotrain, which runs at very regular intervals and allows passengers to get from one concourse to another in little to no time at all.

How To Access

Book access to the Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington DC here. For the very reasonable price of $45, you’ll have access to a relaxing oasis with plenty of comfortable seating options, a delicious selection of snacks, food, and beverages, a calm and relaxing environment in which you can work or relax, friendly, high-quality service, fast Wi-Fi, and much more.

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Star Alliance Gold passengers flying on a Star Alliance carrier, Star Alliance passengers with first or business class tickets, and TAV Passport holders may also access this lounge. Children under 7 can access the lounge for free when accompanied by an adult.

Relax and Unwind

Upon entering the lounge, you’ll approach the front desk directly ahead, where you can pick up a delicious Turkish delight and present your credentials for entry. After a quick check in with one of the friendly agents, make your way to the left, and you’ll find yourself right in the heart of this spacious lounge. If you’d like to drop off your carry-on luggage before heading in, there are a number of transparent glass lockers to the right of the check in desk.

In the main lounge space, you’ll find several different types of comfortable seating options, including tables and chairs for dining, bar seats if you’d prefer to park yourself where the drinks are, and comfortable armchairs, some equipped with pillows to create an environment even more conducive to relaxation. If you’ve previously visited any of Turkish Airlines’ lounges around the world, including the flagship location in Istanbul-Ataturk Airport, you may recognize the Seljuk and Ottoman inspired design features. Towards the back wall, you’ll find a number of different televisions tuned to different shows. Put on a pair of headphones, and you can tune in to whichever show you’d prefer to focus on. If you’d like to browse the web for fun or get some work done, you’ll find six new desktop computers and a printer located in the general vicinity of these television screens. And remember - Wi-Fi is fast and free, so you can log on with your laptop and phone, as well.

Along the floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll find a number of comfy seats available that are perfect for planespotting. The center of the room consists of mainly seats for relaxing and dining, along with a dedicated food station.

Here, you’ll discover an excellent range of culinary delights that will be sure to entertain all tastes. While options are subject to change on a regular basis, you may find fresh fruits, including strawberries, watermelon slices, pineapple slices, peaches, and apples, as well as cheese, olives, pita bread, hummus, corn flakes, cold cuts, and salads.

Dessert and pastry options include phyllo-dough based borek, a small roll stuffed with spinach and cheese, baklava, a sweet pastry made with layers of phyllo dough, with chopped nuts held together by honey in between, and a delicious rice pudding. Some of the more savory options include wraps and sandwiches, soups, and more substantial dishes like rice pilaf and chicken.

Along the wall counter directly beneath the prominent airline logo, you’ll find a selection of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Some of the snacks that may be available include wasabi peas, assorted nuts, and cookies.

Next to the large snack containers stands an elaborate, fancy Turkish teapot for those who want to enjoy Turkish tea in the traditional manner. A coffee machine, juice dispensers, and a fruit infused water dispenser fill out the left end of this counter. Some of the non-alcoholic beverages that are available include water, tea, coffee, sparkling water, Turkish tea, Turkish coffee, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, tonic, club soda, tomato juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, apple juice, and orange juice.

At the end of the refreshments counter towards the floor-to-ceiling windows side, you’ll find a small corridor, which leads straight into the secondary seating area, meant to serve as a tranquil and quiet zone. But before we get there, there’s a slight corridor branching off to the right. This is where you’ll find the restrooms, as well as the shower room and the entrance to the prayer room.

Let’s get back to the seating area at the end of the window-lined corridor. As you make your way straight into the back room, which feels just as spacious and relaxing as the main room, perhaps even moreso, you’ll spot the premium bar along the back wall. If you’d like, you can stop by here and enjoy a cold bottle of beer, along with liqueurs, spirits, cocktails, and wine - including Cognac, Port wine, and champagne.

Bring your eyes towards the center of the room, and you’ll find a collection of rocks surrounded by four sides of bench style seating in each cardinal direction, made much more comfortable with the cushioning. Rising out of the smattering of rocks in the center is a hardy group of tiny palm trees to help get you into that vacationing holiday mood.

Directly across the room from the bar is the long, sleek, modern fireplace, which warms the atmosphere considerably in the evening and winter months. Just above the fireplace is a selection of intriguing reading materials, including books and interesting informational booklets.

Off in a smaller side room is the unofficially named Zen Corner, where you can enlighten yourself in peace through study and relaxation. The number of seats in this room is limited to ensure a peaceful, tranquil experience. The green herbivorous wall just above the seats lends a sense of liveliness to the room, and the water feature gently cascades down from the ceiling behind a glass panel. Nirvana is truly just around the corner.


The Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington DC is the perfect escape for business and leisure travelers alike. No matter which terminal you’re departing from, or which carrier you are flying, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a warm welcome and relaxing experience at this traveler’s oasis. Delight in a warm sense of hospitality, inspiring decor, and traditional culinary favorites, and while you’re at it, make use of the fast Wi-Fi and quiet spaces to get some work done. If you’re looking for an amazing pre-flight experience at Washington-Dulles Airport, be sure to reserve your spot at the Turkish Airlines Lounge today.

Lounge Recap

Operating Hours: 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Location: Concourse B, Next to Gate B43 inside security

Amenities: Beer and Wine, Flight Monitors, Internet Terminals, Newspapers/Magazines, Non-Smoking, Premium Food, Printers & Copiers, Showers, Snacks, Spirits & Liquor, TVs

Special Features: Prayer Room, Premium Bar, Zen Corner

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