The Ultimate Guide to TAV Airport Lounges

TAV is the leading airport operator in Turkey, and one of the leading operators worldwide, as well, serving over 400,000 flights and around 50 million passengers per year across the globe. Currently, TAV operates Turkey’s most significant hub, Istanbul-Ataturk Airport, as well as the main airports in Ankara, Izmir, Gazipaşa, and Bodrum.

TAV's history dates back to 1997, with the official call for tenders for Istanbul Atatürk Airport's International Terminal Building. Established as a joint venture between the Tepe and Akfen groups, TAV won the tender and put this location into operation in 2000. Istanbul Atatürk Airport is amongst the very first examples of "Build-Operate-Transfer" projects in the world. This project, reflecting the contemporary image of Turkey, has also come to be the first concrete step of TAV's success story. Thanks to its know-how, highly skilled human resources and deployment of advanced technology, TAV has become a global brand in airport construction projects as well as airport operations. As part of a planned process, the company reorganized its organizational structure in 2006, and grouped its "operational" and “construction” activities under TAV Airports Holding (TAV Airports) and TAV Construction, respectively. Following this reorganization, TAV Airports was presented for initial public offering in February 2007. In May 2012, 38% of TAV Airports’ shares and 49% of TAV Construction's shares were sold to Aéroports de Paris Group. As of today, TAV continues to build on its success every year and strives to represent Turkey in the best manner possible in the international arena.

Having established a significant presence in their home country, TAV has expanded their operations to many other nations in Europe, Asia, and Africa, lending their expertise in managing airports and air travel related services in Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, North Macedonia, Latvia, and Georgia. In addition to operating the airports as a whole, TAV is involved in many specific aspects of airport operations that come together to create a seamless airport experience for passengers, from duty-free sales to food and beverage services to security and ground handling services.

Perhaps the most significant of these services, of course, is airport lounges. TAV operates a constantly growing network of airport lounges around the world. In addition to their trademark Primeclass and Comfort lounge brands, TAV also operates certain lounges on behalf of partner carriers. For example, TAV operates the Turkish Airlines lounges in Washington-Dulles and Nairobi on behalf of Turkey’s flagship carrier, and Air France lounges in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Munich airports on behalf of Air France. TAV is constantly working to expand their network, so be sure to stay tuned for even more locations opening up in the near future.

How To Access

Currently, all passengers can purchase access to the vast majority of TAV operated lounges, including the Turkish Airlines Lounge in Washington-Dulles Airport, through the LoungeBuddy platform - either through the LoungeBuddy App or website. Bookings can be made on our website up to 62 days in advance of your visit, no matter which carrier you are flying as long as you can access the lounge from your departure (or arrival in some cases) terminal.

Other methods that may grant you access to select TAV lounge locations include TAV’s very own Passport membership card, standard lounge membership programs like Diners Club and Priority Pass, and of course, premium cabin tickets and qualifying elite status memberships when flying with contracted carriers.

NOTE: Children under 6 years of age can access TAV’s airport lounges for free when accompanied by an adult.

Lounge Amenities

If you ever need a place to relax during your layover, TAV’s network of lounges will provide you with all the comfort and convenience that you desire. The serene atmosphere and cozy ambience inside the lounges will make you forget all about the noisy, bustling, crowded airport terminals and bring you into a state of tranquility that’s hard to match.

TAV lounges offer a number of exclusive amenities to cater to the needs of all kinds of travelers, including business centers and work spaces for business travelers on-the-go, children’s rooms for families with kids to enjoy, and complimentary Wi-Fi and tons of power and charging outlets for modern tech-savvy passengers. If you’re hungry or thirsty, the lounges will typically offer a selection of delicious complimentary snacks and premium food items, as well as a wide range a complimentary beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, from beer, wine, and spirits to coffee, tea, and juices. Internet terminals are available for those who either don’t have a laptop or prefer a bigger screen, and shower facilities allow passengers to freshen up during a layover after an extensive transcontinental red-eye flight. For guests who are inclined to do so, TAV offers luggage storage facilities in their lounges, allowing passengers to walk around and enjoy the lounge freely without having to worry about lugging their heavy possessions around.

NOTE: Please note that services and availability may vary depending on the specific location, and are subject to change. For additional details, please refer to the individual lounge page on our website.

To give you an idea of what you can expect inside TAV-operated lounges, here are a few select lounge profiles that we’ve put together:

Primeclass Business Lounge (International Terminal) in Tbilisi, Georgia (TBS)

The Primeclass Business Lounge in Georgia’s busiest airport is one of the more unique lounge locations in TAV’s system. Somewhat similar in concept to Newark Airport’s Art & Lounge, this location is designed in the sophisticated style of an art museum, featuring paintings, sculptures, and jewelry displayed throughout. Select items displayed are even available for purchase, making this a great potential location to visit if you’re looking to purchase last minute souvenirs.

This lounge is open 24/7, so it’s perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the terminal at any time of day, not to mention freshening up before an early morning flight. Enjoy a warm welcome from the outstanding staff, along with delicious food, pastries, and drinks before heading off to your departing flight.

Primeclass Business Lounge (Terminal E) in Riga, Latvia (RIX)

The Primeclass Business Lounge in Riga is a cozy, contemporary oasis that offers excellent views of the runway. It is a comfortable space to relax, and spacious, as well, with seating spread across two floors. Enjoy fast WiFi and a selection of light food, snacks, and pastries. Whether you’re looking to relax or get some work done, this location is an ideal place to pass the time before your flight.

Primeclass Lounge (International Terminal) in Istanbul, Turkey (IST)

The Primeclass Lounge in Istanbul-Ataturk Airport provides provides guests with a peaceful setting to relax in the midst of the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest airports. The lounge, outfitted with contemporary decor, is located in a large space with plenty of seats and countless outlets for charging your electronic devices.

Food is one of the most important amenities for lounge guests, and the selection at the self serve buffet here does not disappoint. Following your meal, head on over to the extensively well-stocked bar to enjoy a drink. While you’re here, be sure to head on over to the beautiful photo wall and take a look. Guests who are arriving after a long red eye flight or about to depart on one can freshen up at one of the showers offered in the lounge.

In addition, be sure to check out our more extensive look into the Turkish Airlines Lounge in Washington DC.


Here’s a list of all TAV operated lounge locations that you can access with LoungeBuddy, sorted by countries in alphabetical order:


Tbilisi (TBS) - Primeclass Lounge (International Terminal)

Batumi (BUS) - Primeclass Lounge (International Terminal)


Leipzig (LEJ) - Primeclass Lounge (Terminal B)


Nairobi (NBO) - Turkish Airlines Lounge Nairobi (Terminal 1D)


Riga (RIX) - Primeclass Business Lounge (Terminal E)

North Macedonia

Ohrid (OHD) - Primeclass CIP Lounge (International Terminal)

Skopje (SKP) - Primeclass Business Lounge (International Terminal)

Saudi Arabia

Medina (MED) - Primeclass Lounge (International Terminal)


Enfidha-Hammamet (NBE) - Primeclass Lounge (International Terminal)

Monastir (MIR) - Primeclass Lounge (International Terminal)


Ankara (ESB) - AnadoluJet Primeclass Lounge (Domestic Terminal)

Ankara (ESB) - Comfort Lounge (International Terminal)

Istanbul-Ataturk (IST) - Primeclass Lounge (Domestic Terminal)

Istanbul-Ataturk (IST) - Primeclass Lounge (International Terminal)

Izmir (ADB) - Primeclass Lounge (Domestic Terminal)

Izmir (ADB) - Primeclass Lounge (International Terminal)

Milas-Bodrum (BJV) - Primeclass Lounge (Domestic Terminal)

Milas-Bodrum (BJV) - Comfort Lounge (International Terminal)

United States

Washington DC-Dulles (IAD) - Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington DC (Concourse B)

In addition, TAV operates the following lounges, though these are not currently bookable through LoungeBuddy:


Tbilisi (TBS) - Primeclass Arrivals Lounge (International Terminal)


Frankfurt (FRA) - Air France Lounge (Terminal 2, Concourse D)

Munich (MUC) - Air France Lounge (Terminal 1)

Stuttgart (STR) - Air France Lounge (Terminal 1)

North Macedonia

Skopje (SKP) - Primeclass Arrivals Lounge (International Terminal)


Ankara (ESB) - Turkish Airlines THY CIP Lounge (Domestic Terminal)

Istanbul-Ataturk (IST) - Turkish Airlines THY CIP Lounge (Domestic Terminal)

Istanbul-Ataturk (IST) - Comfort Lounge (International Terminal)

Istanbul-Ataturk (IST) - Emirates Lounge (International Terminal)

Istanbul-Ataturk (IST) - SkyTeam Lounge (International Terminal)

Izmir (ADB) - Turkish Airlines THY CIP Lounge (Domestic Terminal)

Additional Services

As mentioned previously, in addition to operating airports and airport lounges, TAV offers a diverse array of services to help passengers make their way comfortably through the airport before departure and after arrival.

When booking TAV’s departure or arrival services, you can expect excellent service all the way from the front of the airport to the point when you board your aircraft, or vice versa. A concierge will provide a warm greeting upon your meeting before whisking you through the usual array of necessities that you must complete at the airport. Fortunately, your concierge will help make this experience as relaxing as possible, taking care of all your needs throughout the process. On departure, you’ll enjoy porter service along with assistance during check-in, inside Duty Free shops, and as you make your way to the departure gate. Upon arrival, you’ll enjoy porter service, assistance with visa transactions if required, and usage of fast track passport counters.

NOTE: Availability of specific services mentioned above may vary depending on the specific airport location. Be sure to check with TAV to make sure the service you are looking for is available when traveling through an airport.

TAV’s CIP departure and arrival services are available at the following airport locations: Istanbul-Ataturk (IST), Ankara (ESB), Izmir (ADB), Bodrum (BJV), Batumi (BUS), Medina (MED), Tbilisi (TBS), Enfidha-Hammamet (NBE) (Departure Service only), Ohrid (OHD), Skopje (SKP).

On top of offering comfortable solutions for travelers within the airport, TAV has expanded their coverage outside, as well, particularly with transportation to and from the airport. A transfer service is available in certain cities in Turkey, where you’ll be driven from the city to the airport, and the airport to the city, in your own privately chauffered vehicle. In addition, transfers between your aircraft and the terminal are available at Istanbul and Ankara airports when flying with certain participating airlines.

To truly upgrade your pre- and post-flight experiences, you may decide to upgrade to the VIP package at the following airports: Istanbul-Ataturk (IST), Ankara (ESB), Izmir (ADB), Bodrum (BJV), Skopje (SKP).

With the VIP departure and arrival services, you’ll have the opportunity to relax in the general aviation terminal typically used for private flights. Far removed from the crowded hustle and bustle of the regular airport terminal, you’ll receive above-and-beyond customized, personalized service in an exclusive space.


As one of the world’s top airport operators and airport service providers, TAV provides passengers with a valuable suite of services designed to alleviate the stress of air travel and ensure a comfortable and relaxing journey. Their excellent airport lounge lineup gives all passengers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of comfort and peace of mind, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy airport terminal. Whether you’re a infrequent traveler looking for assistance in navigating the airport, a jetset business traveler who just wants to get through the airport quickly without the hassles involved, or a leisure traveler looking for a place to relax during your layover, TAV’s got all your bases covered. The next time you travel through the airport, be sure to book access to a TAV lounge location with LoungeBuddy and make your airport experience enjoyable again.

For more information about TAV, please refer to the official TAV Primeclass website here.

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