Top 11 WESSCO International Amenity Kits

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Life is amazing when you’re traveling in international first class. Imagine sitting back and enjoying the absolute best that an airline has to offer. From fresh food and drinks to wide seats with room to spare, everything comes together to create a seamless, unforgettable time onboard.

While you can’t take this first class experience home with you, your amenity kit is an excellent souvenir to help keep the memories alive. When you come across that amenity kit after your trip, don’t be surprised if the flood of nostalgia makes you look forward to your next first class excursion that much more.

A while back, we spoke with WESSCO International, one of the world’s leading amenity kit providers, to learn more about the basics of the industry. The result was our comprehensive feature, the Wonderful World of Amenity Kits. Recently, we caught up with our friends at WESSCO International for a quick catch up. This time around, we’d like to present you with a countdown of 11 of their best airline amenity kits from the past several years (in no particular order).

Most Sporty Amenity Kit: United Airlines PGA Kit

Here’s an amenity kit that will bring out the athlete in you. To coincide with the spring 2015 golf season, United Airlines partnered with WESSCO International to introduce special-edition PGA tour themed amenity kits for their GlobalFirst and BusinessFirst premium passengers. Designed as shoe bags, these kits are lined with blue, black, and yellow argyle. Inside, you’ll find a pair of argyle socks, golf balls and tees, eyeshade, a toothbrush and toothpaste, Philosophy skincare products, and more. Don’t be surprised if United Airlines golf balls start making an appearance on your local course.

Most Comforting Amenity Kit: Hawaiian Airlines Amenity Kit

The islands of Hawaii have always evoked a sense of comfort and relaxation, so it’s no surprise that Hawaiian Airlines takes our title for WESSCO International’s Most Comforting Amenity Kit. This kit, representing the spirit of Hawaii, is offered to business class passengers on Hawaiian Airlines’ international outbound flights from Hawaii, as well as passengers flying in Extra Comfort on all international flights. The Hawaiian Airlines branded zippered vinyl pouch features a modern banana leaf pattern by local designer Manuheali’i.

Inside the bag, you’ll find an eyeshade, bearing the same unique design as the exterior, ear plugs, ear phones, a teal pen, tissues, a toothbrush and toothpaste and a bamboo comb. In addition, a set of Hawaiian Airlines’ own Loli’i brand toiletries (coconut hand and body lotion, lip balm, and coconut hydrating mist) will help you rejuvenate and refresh in no time at all after a long flight.

Most Timeless Amenity Kit: American Airlines Eames Foundation Business and First Class Kits

In 2010, WESSCO International brought together two quintessentially American brands, American Airlines and the Eames Foundation, to create an unforgettable line of amenity kits for American Airlines’ business and first class passengers. These kits feature the classic dot pattern from the Eames historical archives from 1946, selected for its timeless appeal. The first class kit also serve as an iPad case.

Inside the business class kit, you’ll find a package of tissues, a pair of nonslip socks, an eyeshade, a pair of earplugs, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a selection of Akhassa’s all-natural skincare line inspired by holistic remedies: kaffir lime facial moisturizer, body lotion, and lip balm.

Most Novel Amenity Kit: JetBlue “Gift Effect” Gift Cards

This next selection is not exactly an amenity kit in the traditional sense. It’s actually a present that JetBlue provides to its Mint class passengers on top of the traditional amenity kit. Given the category, we’ll bend the rules a little here.

This little box of cards packs a powerful punch. It includes six gift cards selected by Gift Effect, a Los Angeles based start up that curates exclusive offers from brands creating innovative products and unique experiences. These cards provide you with exclusive offers that you won’t get anywhere else. In addition, they’re tailored to your destination. If you’re flying to LAX, for example, you’ll receive gift cards for businesses located in the City of Angels.

Most Colorful Amenity Kit: Copa Airlines Biomuseo Business Class Kit

Commemorating the opening of the famous Biomuseo in October 2014 and coinciding with the 100-year anniversary of the Panama Canal, Copa Airlines’ Business Class Amenity Kit is unique, vibrant, and colorful. The Biomuseo, located in Panama City, is the first Latin American building designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. WESSCO International worked with Copa Airlines to create this kit, inspired by Gehry’s distinctive shapes and vibrant colors in blue, red, yellow, orange, and green.

Inside this one-of-a-kind kit, you’ll find a pair of nonslip socks, an eyeshade, a toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, lip balm, hand lotion, and a hand and face towelette. The last three items are infused with the essence of lime. Last but not last, there’s a card with a special message just for you.

Best Heritage Amenity Kit: American Airlines Heritage Amenity Kits

Last year, WESSCO International worked with American Airlines to introduce a series of limited edition heritage kits for their international business and first class passengers. These exclusive kits commemorate the following carriers that have come together to make the modern American Airlines brand: Trans World Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, RenoAir, AirCal, Allegheny Airlines, America West Airlines, PSA Airlines, US Airways, and of course, American Airlines itself.

On the surface, the kit doesn’t look too different from your typical modern amenity kit. Once you open up the front flap, you’ll see what all the commotion’s about. On the inside, you’ll find the logo of one of AA’s heritage carriers, along with that carrier’s livery.

The versatile case can be transformed into a mini tablet holder once you finish making use of the contents inside: a pair of socks, eyeshade, earplugs, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a sampling of Red Flower’s Wanderlust products. This includes a tube of hand and body lotion, nourishing lip balm, and a hand and face towelette pack.

Best Cultural Amenity Kit: Copa Airlines Indigenous Business Class Kit

Panama is a culturally diverse nation with a number of different indigenous ethnic groups. WESSCO International and Copa Airlines, Panama’s flag carrier, drew inspiration from these groups’ traditional patterns to come up with this unique culture-themed kit. The abstract geometric figures depicted on the outside of the bag and the eyeshade represent Panama’s distinctive landscape and wildlife.

Inside, you’ll find the aforementioned eyeshade, toothpaste and a toothbrush, a pair of socks, and tubes of almond-scented hand lotion and lip balm. As with the previous Copa Airlines kit we mentioned, this one also comes with a little card to explain the novel design.

Most Compact Amenity Kit: Caribbean Airlines Business Class Kit

This Caribbean Airlines amenity kit, provided to passengers traveling in business class, is the smallest amenity kit on the list. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot to offer - far from it. This is immediately obvious once you feast your eyes on the front of the bag. Here, you’ll find a map depicting all the different cities and routes that Caribbean Airlines served at a certain point in time. Turn it around, and you’ll discover a list of every Caribbean Airlines destination, arranged as if they were presented on a wall decal.

Inside, you’ll find a pair of socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste set, and an eyeshade. The options for reusing the bag are endless - all you have to do is use your imagination!

Most Sustainable/Green Amenity Kit: SATA Business Class Amenity Kit

Going green has never been more popular, and many airlines have been getting into the spirit. SATA Airlines worked with WESSCO International for the first time to create a more eco-friendly Business Class amenity kit. The highlight of this kit is a recycled PET felt bag accented by a tobacco colored leather strap. This bag is offered to passengers in navy and light blue, and functions as an iPad case. The SATA goshawk logo, inspired by prototype futurism and made out of nine asymmetric pieces symbolizing the islands of the Azores, is printed in silk on the inside of the bag.

Inside, you’ll find a pair of socks, eyeshades, earplugs, a dental kit, and a tube of hand moisturizer, all awash in blue. It’s everything you need for a comfortable experience onboard on your trip to the Azores.

Most Luxe Amenity Kit: China Eastern Salvatore Ferragamo Business Class Amenity Kit

Experience the heights of luxury with China Eastern’s Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit. In addition to the usual eyeshade, earplugs, tooth brush and toothpaste, and comb, you’ll discover an assortment of Salvatore Ferragamo’s Tuscan Soul line of products, including lip balm and body lotion.

Best Women’s Amenity Kit: Air Astana Female Business Class Amenity Kit

Let’s finish things off with the Air Astana Female Business Class Kit. This stylish kit features a jet black bag accented by a grey strap, along with a gold buckle, gold zippers, and the gold and silver Air Astana logo on the inside flap. After taking off the strap, you’ll find two matching zippered compartments. The left one holds a pair of nonslip socks, while the right compartment includes everything else: a pair of earplugs, sanitizing wipes, toothpaste, toothbrush, a comb, and an Air Astana pen. The only thing better than flying in a premium class is flying it in style!



As you can see, WESSCO International has come out with some very special, unique, and unforgettable amenity kits for their airline clients over the past several years, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future. Given their track record, we expect that there will be more than enough to write about!

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